Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Frustrated with the internet!

Does anyone know of a good site to rotate pictures? Photoshop.com is getting in my nerves. It doesn't save the photos as rotated.
Better yet a blog host that will allow me to rotate the pictures when I go to post them so I don't have to go to another site? Blogspot is starting to really aggravate me.
I have been trying to post a bunch of cards I made for about a week now but have had nothing but trouble!


  1. Wow! I sure wish I could help you. I rotate all my photos and edit them from my desktop in Paintshop Pro; I've never had a problem posting in blogspot.

    I'm so sorry I can't be of any assistance. I hope you get your problem resolved soon.

  2. I miss having PSP! It's probably the only thing I miss from my Windows to Apple switch!