Monday, May 17, 2010

A bit of a SIGH...

I know this is a blog to post my projects, but I have run into a problem where I am in a rut. I can barely get anything out - I have no ideas, and what I do make I just hate.

Does anyone ever get this way? How do you get out of this type of funk?


  1. Yep!!! Most of us refer to it as losing our "mojo". Don't worry, it'll come back! And your projects DO NOT LOOK LIKE CRAP!!! That's just the way you feel!

    Get better soon, and you've had plenty of company in the "mojo" department.

  2. I had posted the same thing yesterday on my blog. You need to go to your scrappy place, put on your favorite music, and then you will get ideas. That is what I did.
    I actually did start and finish a word book yesterday, now I just need to embellish it.
    Hopefully, you will get out of your rut soon,

  3. YA YA YA!!!!! What Audrey said about the mojo thingy, I like to vist blogs regularly to get ideas and I dont persay copy there but alter it to fit my needs and style, great inspiration out there though....... by the way love your blog and I am following, The card you did from Paper Pups was adorable.....