Friday, March 05, 2010

Older things...

I finally unloaded my camera, so here are some older projects I have made. Nothing spectacular, but a start! I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures, so bear with me! After these first few posts, I will add which carts I use, I didn't write them down for these few, and the next posts.

Birthday card for my mom, January 2010.

Birthday Paper Dolls for my dad, February 2010.

Birthday Paper doll dog for my cousin, January 2010.

Thinking of you card for my stepdaughter, March 2010.


  1. These are all such cute cards!!!

    Thank you for your kind words on the mb on my Kisses Box. I really appreciate you took the time to stop by and leave your comment!!! And thank you for visiting my blog and following me too! You also now have a new follower, and...

    I'll be seeing you!

  2. Great job on the Paper Dolls and card.. REally cute..